Arride Graphics Special Download (Click here for Linkware page, if you bypassed it)
This desktop wallpaper is for 800x600 resolution only. 

PC: (IE) Right click, scroll down menu, and Set As Wallpaper.  If you'd like to save this image in your hard drive, use "Save Picture As..."  command instead. Then follow instructions for Netscape users to put image on your desktop. (Netscape) Right click, scroll down menu, and Save Image to your hard drive. Go to Control Panel -> Display -> Background. Browse hard drive to find saved image.

Mac: [1] Click on the link to view the desktop image. [2] Click and hold the mouse cursor over the image and drag it to your desktop. The image will be copied and saved. (The browser window may have to be resized in order to see and reach the desktop so the image can be dragged and dropped.) [3] Open the appearance control panel ( Main Apple Menu drop down menu -> Control Panels -> Appearance) [4] When the appearance control panel window opens, click on the "desktop" tab. [5] Drag the saved image from the desktop into the appearance desktop window. Choose how you want the image to be displayed (i.e. position automatically, center on screen, tile...) then click on "Set Desktop". Thanks to my friend, who doesn't want to be named, for the Mac instructions!  :^)

No link back to me is necessary for this wallpaper. However, I do ask that you do not re-distribute this to your friends or family nor make any modifications, but send them to my website instead at (Besides, the file is too large to send by email anyhow.) Thank you so much!

Galactic Collision Desktop Wallpaper 800x600